Time is everything when it comes to wood freshness. For this reason, when there are two full containers at roadside, our dispatcher sends a transporter to haul two empty containers to the recovery site, and brings back two full containers to the plant downtime free.

The hauling system is quite simple. A semi-trailer equipped with an auto-loading “roll-off” container mechanism carries two containers per load. Each container weighs 3.5 tonnes and holds on average 15 green tonnes of biomass. These containers are 6 meters long, are completely closed, secure, and meet public road transportation standards.

The truck driver receives his bill of lading from the dispatcher with two GPS waypoints, one showing where to drop the empty containers, and another showing where to pick up the two full containers for transport to the plant. Once this has been done, the cycle starts over.

This self-loading system is a great advantage for the haulers, as they do not rely on or wait for loaders. The familiar back-log of idling trucks waiting to be loaded or unloaded during bad weather or loader repairs is also eliminated. Instead there is a steady flow of trucks moving containers to their schedule.

Once again, only one piece of equipment is used for all of the phases of transportation, limiting GHG production. The productivity performances in comparason to the GHG produced will be quantified in concordance with proven methodologies (ex. ISO 14064-1). A prelimenary report has shown positive results.


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